Friday, June 12, 2009

Making cooking time family time

I was reading some old articles which I linked ages ago and I'd like to share something practical which we, mummies can make good use of.

Read this:

Making Cooking Time Family Time: 10 Tips for Beginners

Personally, I think that the 10 tips are very practical and all of which I've adopted over 20 years of being a mother. I can stand by firmly by those tips and assure you that the results just creep in to surprise you time after time.

My eldest daughter posted this on her blog on

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Because I am cool like that, I think I will put some funky smiley at the beginning of every post, just so I remember how I felt la ok. *shy. Actually, I just found these smiley's and they make me happy, so I wanna post them up. I think I should be studying.

So you see, over the weekend and a little before that, father has been in

mother and baby sis has been in


So I was thinking, what should I do for the weekend?

Well, I ended up
(Without the beard la of course. Too manly.)

For breakfast, I decided to make

while Rachel made

We had a good weekend home alone, sleeping in different rooms and waking up and eating well and all sorts lar. Let me explain different rooms, in case you think we share rooms on normal days (no way, can die, pls thank u, cos we're both awful sleepers like that). Instead of sleeping in our own rooms, she slept in the parents' room while I slept in the guest room. Just for fun =_= very lifeless right. *shy. T'was a good weekend.

Oh I love you Rachel, cos you ALWAYS feed me

The End.
(cos I'm lazy to google more pictures) =_=

Photo credits: Google
Smiley credits: Yahoo!


Original post has been edited slightly.

It's one of those things you read in your kid's blog which overwhelms and gives you a sense of unrivaled happiness!!!


Flying Lily said...

Happy kids happy life!!!! Well done.

Bento Pet said...

Flying Lily: Thank God!

Big Pumpkin said...

Wow! Your blog seriously makes me hungry, I kid you not.


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