Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gaden update

I've been busy in the garden trying to keep my herbs alive! Actually it's not difficult but they do need some attention.

Look at my Basil here below. I keep trimming and cropping it for my cooking and it's growing, but not as fast as I want it to.

Trying to plant some parsley here.

The mint are in full bloom. I probably need to trim them soon.

Ahhh....this one is really good for steam fish, Lui Cha and Thai tom yum. I think it's called sawtooth coriander.

I saw this tree fruiting. Hubs got this from a friend who wanted to dispose it. Honestly, I don't know how to pickle them.

My lime tree is blooming again. *happiness*. Fortunately there is more than one! LOL!!

This is a newly acquired miniature lemon tree. Can't wait for it to turn yellow!

These bell pepper seeds were planted two weeks ago and has begun sprouting. I hope they survive to begin fruiting!

My chilli padi plant is forever producing an abundance of very, very spicy hot chillies.

This Sage plant is hardly thriving well enough to allow regular trimming for use.

I just re-potted Thyme and there has been some damage. I think they'll survive.

My 'sawi' veggies growing.

My tomato plants have doubled their heights since the last update.

I've begun feeding my compost bin.

My compost bin.
Pictures 'speak' a thousand words!


vigilant20 said...

Excellent update! Your dwarf citrus trees are much further along than my new lil jealous.

With most herbs like basil and mint you can pinch off a branch right above a leaf pair. This will cause it to grow two branches from that point. Doing that with all or most leaf pairs as it grows is a pain...but it should make them bushier and more productive for ya :)

Jas Min said...

Ooo.. Seeing your pictures motivate me to try and plant some of them in my garden! May I ask where did you get the seeds for mint, parsley, thyme and sage?

Flying Lily said...

Nice herb collection!!

Bento Pet said...

vigilant20: I've been inspired by your gardening 'adventures'. Thanks for the tips!!

Bento Pet said...

Jas Min: I pick them up everywhere. Some are ready plants from nurseries, some are seeds from supermarkets or nursery stores.

Bento Pet said...

Flying Lily: Thank you. At this point I'm still very enthusiastic.

M.Kate said...

Love this blog..I have a 'herb' corner too..and I have been looking for ages that lui Cha..I didnt even know the name until I saw this blog. where did you get it..anyway, great herbs :)

javapot said...

got award for u :)

check out


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