Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bento 266

#1 had practice after classes and I packed this for her to eat in the car on the way to the practice session. It was a simple dinner bento.

There were two pieces of fried egg with onions and chopped long beans. Some left over Oden and a box of steam Tom Yum Salmon. I usually steam Salmon fish head because it's really delicious. I filleted the Salmon, topped it with Tom Yum sauce and put it into a separate container.

I should have open the container to show the Tom Yum Salmon fillets. #1's reaction to the first mouth full the Salmon was YUMS!! (made my day)

This is the bento box packed and ready to go.


babykins said...

Nice stainless steel bento box!
And yummy oden! I hope I can see your tom yum salmon fillets next time.

Bento Pet said...

babykins: I'll post the tom yum salmon when I cook it next. So easy and delicious!


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