Friday, April 9, 2010


I spend a lot of time conversing with my kids whose age range from 11 to 21. Lately I hear a lot of 'stories' which really are 'gossip' from some form of speculation formed from eavesdropping or by sight and thus drawing random conclusions.

When I hear these type of topics surface from our conversations, I am adamant about 'terminating' such frivolous talk. No, I'm not a self righteous goody-goody primp. I just think that it is my responsibility as an adult and parent to discourage young people in entangling themselves in such talk.

It is so easy to gossip about other people to create speculations from impressions when one is on this side of the fence. What if one was the subject and center of gossip and speculation? How would one feel? Such irresponsible and 'free' speculation lead to hurt, tears and sometimes end up even with suicides.

It takes discipline and even will power to avoid and to END the gossip when it reaches us. It needs a brave heart and a compassionate heart to trust that the gossip needs to end not only by my not repeating it but also to share with the one who 'informed' me why it should not continue.

Sure, it feels good to be in possession of some juicy gossip and it feels powerful to be the one who spreads it. But...can we really be responsible for it's consequences? Sometimes a lost friendship, a devastated loss of trust, even a potential suicide on our conscience?

Laugh at my face and say I'm calling bluff and I only have this to say, when you are young and the world is at your feet you have the privilege to make choices, thus make the right ones. END gossip now.

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