Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bento 293

This bento is basically put together from last nights leftovers.

I made a delicious beef stew in the crock pot. I didn't use any recipe, just saute the onions, carrots, button mushrooms, celery, beef chunks and put everything into the crock pot with basil, beef stock and a can of chopped tomatoes. To finish off, I flavored it with salt and freshly ground pepper and then I added a small box of cream - that did the magic!

Clockwise: Mixed veggies in sesame sauce dressing, some cut apples, pieces of baguette and awesome-mest beef stew.


Michele Bonna said...

That beef stew looks yummy! Aren't you worried that the sauce will spill while transporting it? I have tried yogurt and such, but no matter how tightly I seal it, the juicy bits get into the rest of it.

Bento Pet said...

Michele: I packed this for my second daughter to eat after her piano class at 3p.m.

If this bento were to be brought to college then I'd pack the beef stew in another covered container which comes with this one. Check this link:

Sometimes its about using the right box but you are also right about food getting onto the others because my daughter sometimes complain about it too.

I just try to be practical about what I pack.


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