Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bento 294

I was at the supermarket yesterday when I decided to make gyoza. I quickly picked up the necessary ingredients and went home to begin.

First I made the dough and set it aside. I don't have a formula for this but it's come out right each time and it makes me happy just like that.

Then I set out to make the filling which comprise of chopped leek, spring onions, Chinese cabbage, minced pork, ginger juice, sesame oil, salt, pepper and corn flour. I don't have a standard recipe for this either. I just put together what ever which is available and what I remember. So you can imagine, the taste of the gyozas do vary from time to time. LOLs!

I made about 60 pieces of these babies.

Testing time...boiled gyoza...yum yum!

I made today's bento from last night's leftovers again. Clockwise: Sliced oranges, some tonkatsu and some fried gyoza. Finally a small portion of clay pot rice.

A fulfilling meal indeed!


Michele Bonna said...

Now that is commitment! I still have frozen wrappers in the freezer that I haven't filled yet, and here you are making the dough! I do know about the just knowing when the dough is right though, I do bake a lot and I use the touch feely method myself. Very nice bento.

bentobird said...

These look so fresh and yummy! I have no self-control when in comes to dumplings :) Delightful bento.

Tarcoulis said...

Your food always makes me hungry! May I make a request? Can you or your girls bake and decorate some cupcakes when you have time? Maybe Fathers' Day? I love the designs you all come up with!

meggY said...

Congrats for your blog, it's super cute!I have a recipes/cooking blog too and today I wrote a short review about Bento, then I decided to found some bento-blog on blogspot and I found yours!I'm going to follow you with pleasure!
P:S: I love Gyoza!!!

Bento Pet said...

Thanks Michele! My family love the texture of the home made wrappers. Which means I need to work a little harder each time I make Gyozas.

Now it's really easy. *grins*

Bento Pet said...

bentobird: I share the same sentiment. No self-control when it comes to dumplings. *wider grin*

Bento Pet said...

Tarcoulis: I would love to make some cupcakes but unfortunately #1 schedule at Uni is packed with exams and assignments all through the semesters. Holidays see her catching up with Church programs and friends.

I would end up with quite "naked" cupcakes. LOL!

Bento Pet said...

maggY: Thank you! I love gyoza too!!


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