Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bento 297

Confession! Trying to pack charaben bento is no simple task! It takes time, lots of effort, mind boggling bento accessories for mind boggling shapes. But the effect to my kid is just AWESOME! #3 keeps bugging me to continue to pack cutesy food for her. She's been eating everything I pack (also because it's within the confines of her palate choice).

I got this idea from a burger bento from Yum-Yum Bento Box.

This was yesterday's 3.00p.m. meal. Home made beef burger patty.

I had a challenging time with the 'face' because they wouldn't stick to the bun! Anyway there were some home made cookies and some jewel skewered seedless grapes on mangoes.

I used this Hello Kitty box because I didn't want the 'face' on the hamburger crushed.

#3 loved this and said that I must keep packing her cutesy food. Geeezzz...I don't know how long I can do this!


Sandra said...

Hi there! How is #2 doing by the way? I read your previous post about how her eating is getting selective because of her braces and my 17 year old is giving me the same headache after installing her braces! I'm just worried that it might develop into an eating disorder. Eating less and less rings the warning bells for anorexia. Any thoughts?

Katrina said...

My niece looked at the pics and thought the grapes looked like eyeballs.....this looks amazing

Boriville said...

That look so cute. I found your blog through googling lol... glad I did. Looking forward to reading more of your post. Great blog!

Bento Pet said...

Sandra: #2 visits her Dentist tomorrow for the first time after she's been fit with the braces.

Initially I was a little concerned but she's still got a healthy appetite. She's careful with what she eats because once she tried to bite through a semi-blanched carrot and the wire from her braces sprung open. Carrots were struck out from her list of 'can eats' immediately.

#2 now uses a fork and knife in any situation to 'cut up' her food into smaller pieces and prone to eat noodles and bread. She even 'cuts' sushi to eat and it's time consuming that's why she doesn't want to bring bento to college.
"Too tricky to eat" she says.

At home her appetite is not at an alarming stage yet.

Soups are also good in the initial stage.

Bento Pet said...

Katrina: Looking at the grapes again, they did look like eyeballs-hahaha. Thanks for the idea!

Bento Pet said...

Boriville: Thank you for coming. *smiles*

Sandra said...

Thanks alot dear! That is really helpful. I will be making more nutritious soups now hahaha. I just bought her a smoothie maker so she has been having fun blending her fruits with ice and milk. Ah the journey of motherhood.


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