Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bento #13

This morning was a very busy morning. I made three bentos because Dn 1 had choir practice up to 3.30p.m and asked for two bentos.

I made a gourmet roll up sandwich with Lebanese bread. Spread it with butter, cream cheese, salad/greens, turkey ham, cucumber sticks, crab stick (left over from the sushi) and another slice of Cheddar cheese. Top with Kewpie mayonnaise and tomato sauce. Roll up and wrap with cling wrap to keep the shape.

Behind the roll up sandwich is the top layer of the bento. It contains blanched cauliflowers, raisins and a pair of bunny carrots. I used a plastic grass divider and filled the other side with fried tofu fishcake and some more left over crab sticks.

In the orange bento, I had two types of rice crispies for snacking and a packet of Indo Miegoreng asli with fishballs. Dn 1 complain after school that she preferred my 'one ton mee'. Okay I said. Indo Mie goreng asli is on the '-ve food list'!

Dn 2 was happy with her roll up sandwich and veggies, so no complains.

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