Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On a Bento frenzy makeover

I asked Dn 2 for assistance to add some features to my blog. She suggested that I change my template and I agreed. We agreed on the layout and color together. Dn 2 is very good at the PC and has been a great help in upgrading my 'scene'.

I'd like to apologize to those of you who visited my site today and found it in a chaotic state. I think the term the IT people use is 'under construction'.

Already past my forties, I like to view my fonts several sizes larger so that it's easy on my eyes. In doing so, I found my blog layout in a topsy turvy state. I spent hours 'repairing' my blog. I hope my site is not deemed as 'loud' because of it's font size because it's for very practical reasons that I like to maintain it this way.

I hope you continue to visit my site and if you have any specific requests for recipes or tips on Japanese cooking, I will do my best to provide. I am not an expert but I have had many years of experience cooking Japanese food on a regular basis for my family and friends and I'd like to share this passionate journey with you.

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