Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"He who finds a true friend, finds a treasure"

My very good friend and breakfast buddy Deanna is emigrating to Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirate's capital.

Her husband started working there last month and Deanna and her 4 children will be moving to Abu Dhabi early next month.

On one hand I am happy that this wonderful friend of mine is moving to new horizons but on the other hand I am saddened by the distance put between us.

Sure there is the Internet, and communication has no limits via the PC but the old fashioned fellowship over a cuppa will never the same.

I met Deanna many moons ago at Ballet school where our girls were twirling and tapping their very young toes. We clicked right away and had much in common - love for good food, love for God (although we were of different denominations, it was never an issue), Youth ministry, collecting stuff, the list is endless.

Just one phone call and we'd re-adjust our schedule to meet for breakfast. When hand phones became a necessity, our breakfast rendezvous would only one SMS away. It was important for us to eat well and enjoy our time together because we had endless stories to share.

Good coffee was always the criteria for a good meeting place and so was our short and meaningful prayer to thank God for our chance to fellowship which was fundamental to our friendship.

We decided to meet at her house this morning. I offered to bring breakfast so I made another bento after I finished with the bentos for my girls.

In the back left box I did the same gourmet roll up sandwich which I did for the girls except that for this one I added a fried omelet.

On it's right, I had Babybel cheese, crackers, marshmallows, raisins and some Japanese rice crackers.

In front is a mixed salad and Japanese sushi ingredients chopped and topped with Kew pie mayonnaise. I cut up two Kiwi's to fill the box. Of course, I made a flask of my 'powderful' coffee! Yeah!

We had a wonderful time as usual, amidst the sadness was also a sense of joy, excitement and anticipation for greater things to come. We parted with the promise that we would meet again for breakfast next week.

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