Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Away until next week!

Friends, I will be away with our Church Youths @ camp for the next few days. Will only be back on Sunday and hopefully back to blogging on Monday!! Take care and have a great weekend! Cheers!!


meatball online said...

Have fun!

Nightwing said...

Have a good trip now..:)

sting said...

have a good time.. see you on Monday..

kerry said...

Enjoy yourself there...Just wanted to tell you that I'm sooo inspired to start bento-ing after looking at all your 'Love' bento's that you've prepared...
I really gotta pass this to you.

Rita Ho said...

Have a constructive and fun trip, Bento Pet. My mom is also on a church-camp trip in China this week. These events are so great and meaningful for her. :)

sting said...

hehe.. besides kerry's wish, you also got an inviatation at

You sure are popular :-p

Bento Pet said...

meatball, nightwing: I did have fun! TQ!

Bento Pet said...

kerry: Tq! I'll check.

Bento Pet said...

rita: We had 23 youth @ camp! Really needed to be constructive, creative and fun to deal with them!

Bento Pet said...

sting: Tq for the invite and support! Cheers!


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