Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bento 180

A casual friend (MT) passed on yesterday. It came as a shock because I saw him at Sunday Mass in Church and had exchanged pleasantries. In the night, hubs and I were having drinks with another couple and our conversation had led to this same man - of and about his characteristic as a fair and righteous person.

In the morning after that, I received news that he had a heart attack, a little over 50 and gone forever, I was a little dazed. Not that he was a good friend, no, he was only a casual friend. It was always "Hello and Bye" and down to serious stuff if we ever did have any conversation. Yet, I feel a loss, because he was a good man.

My only consolation is that when I remember him, I remember that my encounters with him were pleasant. If one didn't know him, he came across as a stern and 'no nonsense' kind of a person but I found him to be a good and righteous man.


Back to bento, I made some kappamaki filled with kyuri, crabstick, carrot, simmered mushroom and kewpie mayo. In a silicon cup next to it is some mixed salad with sesame dressing.

The gyoza was left over from last night's dinner. I have a frozen stash and need to finish it off. Some sliced Kiwi and viola, a complete bento for the day.

This is how the bento looks, packed and ready to go. Notice, I am using new bento straps. I've taken out a number of new ones to use and it's a breath of fresh air to see them.


Emily said...

Lunch and handover of bento box ~ saturday this week either at 100yen kuchai or daiso curve, you pick!

Bento Pet said...

Emily: Daiso Curve @11.30, eat first then shop ok? Beat the lunch crowd!

Emily said...



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