Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bento straps galore?

Most school days, I need to use three bento straps. Two for #2 and #3 bento boxes for school and one for #1's bento box (she eats at home).

I don't know if you face the same issues which I do, but after a while, the bento straps come back really messy and dirty. I blogged about it here before.

Thing is, the bento straps looses it's elasticity after a while and looks like these...

These were worth their weight in GOLD when bento straps were scarce.

In the early days before 100 Yen began re-stocking their bento items, it was almost impossible to find any here in Malaysia. Now we are spoiled for choice by the attention 100 Yen and Daiso is giving to these indispensable bento accessories.

Some of these bento straps are recent acquisitions...

The last one on the right hand side is not a bento strap but a correction tape.

Click here to see more.

These below are some recently replenished bento straps which I am currently using for daily bento boxes.

The one on the right side is a multi-size and multi-color bento strap.

Want to share your bento strap loot? Drop me a comment or link so that I can view your used/over used bento straps and your pride.


javapot said...

NIce collection of straps. I hate it when they warp especially only after using once - really can tell how poor the quality is!

shoppingmum said...

I wish I can share, but I don't have a lot of straps. Most of the time, I used those which come with the lunch boxes.
But my favorite one is the Hello Kitty strap I got from Sanrio, so far, it's still pretty tight.

Peony said...

ya, the straps lost the shape/elasticiy fast.

So nowadays, I prefer to use furoshiki. The cloth can also be used as a placemat on not-so-clean table.

Bento Pet said...

javapot: In the beginning I had to hoard bento straps. It's only now that it's easily available that I am more willing to use the new ones.

Yes, the quality is quite 'cacat'.

Bento Pet said...

shoppingmum: I've seen the HK strap in one of the bento blogs. It's cute.

The only reason I have so many is because I used to hoard them for fear that they will run out. *sigh* Now got too many! LOL!

Bento Pet said...

Peony: I personally prefer to use the furoshiki too but my kids prefer the convenience of the bento strap.

Using it as a placemat is a good idea, thanks!

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

wah wah wah ... banyak nya :)

pavotrouge said...

I keep on loosing my bento straps, though most from my collection initially came with some :( so no pretty ones to share.

Bento Pet said...

I am princess Misha's mum: Once upon a time, I thought that Bento straps would be extinct! So I went on a rampage. *very malu lah*

Bento Pet said...

pavotrouge: Ouch!

tona-mama said...

Hihi! I got to know your blog thru shoppingmum.

I oso enjoy bento-ing and have just started.

I oso LOVE collecting bento straps. In fact, I din realise they will lose their elasticity so soon?

Wa, seeing ur post made me a little nervous and I was jus wondering if I should buy those I like (like the yellow/red w car) for standby in case it spoils. Hahah! I think I lagi hoarder?

Enjoy reading your blog!

Free do drop by mine too!


Bento Pet said...

tonna-mama: Thanks for visiting. The bento straps which I newly open for use are already loosing it's shape. Especially those clickety clack ones from 100 yen store.

The Japanese looking ones from Daiso are quite taut still.

Welcome to bento frenzy!!!!


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