Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My own version of "Chirashi Sushi"

I made sushi for dinner last night. More often than not, the kids would be waiting impatiently for their dad to return home for dinner and as soon as he walks in, they'd all be ready at the dinner table to feast on home made sushi!

It was past 7.00p.m. and because 'dad' wasn't home yet, I decided to make a dish of Chirashi Sushi so that everyone could 'dig in' instead of waiting for me to roll the futomakis.

This was a quick and simple version of chopping the same ingredients which I use for rolling the futomakis and hand rolls.

Clockwise: Tamagoyaki, carrots, Teriyaki chicken, Crabsticks, simmered mushrooms, Kyuri all alternate with Sakura Denbu and kewpie mayo.

Delicious combination which resulted in many happy and contented stomachs!


Rei said...

That's lovely! Simple and delish!

Cook Japan said...

looks have to love chirashi sushi don't you

my wife made some as well last night, we were out of mayonnaise unfortunately but she used cottage cheese which was a funky little addition to a very non-traditional take on this lovely dish

very envious that you've got some kewpie in the fridge...

Bento Pet said...

Rei: Thank you! Been missing your Bentos!

Bento Pet said...

Cook Japan: Kewpie is easy to buy locally. Yeah! We're really lucky to be able to access all sorts of Japanese ingredients.


Yumi said...

Thank you for coming my blog,and write a kind comment.
Where are you from?
Your Futomaki and japanese egg roll is very ecellent.
Thinking for a day, I'll try to add a translator to my blog.
Thank you for your advice.


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