Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thermal Magic Pot curry chicken

I decided to cook curry chicken today in my Thermal Magic Pot. I actually did the cooking in another clay pot first before transferring the contents into the insert pot.

In the clay pot, I sauteed some ground shallots, ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and chicken curry paste until fragrant.

Then I tossed in the chicken, the coconut milk, potatoes and salt and allowed the contents to come to a boil. Immediately, I transferred the contents into the insert of the Thermal Magic Pot and allowed the curry mix to come to a boil.

As soon as it came to a boil, I covered the insert with it's lid and transferred it into the outer pot.

Three hours later, the curry is cooked and delicious!

I tested the potato, it was intact but soft in the center. Perfect cooking.

Life can be a breeze with a little planning!


Emily said...

Oh Wow! you are on a roll!

katCL said...

Thanks for all the thermal pot recipes! Will definitely look out for one. What size do you reckon is good for a family of 4?

Here is my friend's tau foo fa recipe:

3 liter water (remove and put aside 150ml)
300gm soya bean, soaked overnight
1 tsp sek ko fun (calcium sulphate/gypsum)
50gm cornflour

1. Blend soy bean with 2850ml water, strain and squeeze out the milk from the bean.

2. Mix 150ml water with calcium sulphate and cornflour.

3. Bring soy bean milk to a boil, stir constantly to prevent sticking. Turn off fire as it starts to boil.

4. Stir solution (2), sieve and pour into the insert pot. Quickly pour boiling hot soy milk from a height** into the insert pot, cover with the lid and transfer into outer pot. Leave to set for about 30 minutes.

** Note: place the insert pot on the floor before pouring the hot soy milk from the top. Reason being we need the soy milk to mix well with the cornflour/gypsum solution, therefore pouring from a height 'flushes' and mixes the milk and solution thoroughly. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say! I learned from my friend's demo! :D

Bento Pet said...

Emily: Rolling along!

Bento Pet said...

katCL: Thank you very much!!! I'll try it one of these days!!!

I introduced a 5L Endo pot to my Godson's mum. They are a family of 6 and she's delighted with the results so far. I think 5L is a medium size which is necessary but one pot wouldn't be sufficient. I think you would need at least another one or two smaller ones like the 1.8L or something.

Have fun!


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