Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First time @ this

I found a 'treasure' in A Daily Obsession (check out my link). She posts most interesting recipes which look very, very easy to do.

I'm lousy at cooking Chinese. I admit that!! That's mum's territory. Ha! But now that I've found A Daily Obsession, On a Bento frenzy is trying out Chinese cooking.

I tried out her recipe for soy sauce chicken today. Admittedly, I didn't have all the ingredients, didn't understand that Sichuan peppercorns were Sichuan peppercorns and CANNOT use Sabah peppercorns! Okay, okay and I thought dark soy sauce was thick black sauce. So....I varied a little, ermm...maybe improvised a little by leaving out the tangerine peel...Oops!

Well, the 'mutilated chicken' looked okay for a first timer right? He! He! He! The final product was delicious. Everyone enjoyed the chicken including daughter number 3. She's a very, very fussy eater and hates anything 'different' from her regular meal of soup, fish or pork and rice. She ate the whole drumstick! Awesome!

Thank you Terri! If this variation tastes so good the original recipe with all the ingredients I missed out must be out of this world! good.


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

what d..?tt looks better than my chicken!you shd post ur accidental recipe. Daughter no. 3 sounds like my Wey--very fussy. He's fast loosing weight becos we're stilling eating d fish we caught n he dislikes fish except for black cod. you pack for ur kids daily? wow. i only did tt for kid no. 1.i applaud u, bcos i've seen d stuff they sell in schools--all deep fried.

Bento Pet said...

Daughter number 3 is also loosing weight because she's so picky. I'm at my wits end what to do. Mine only eats Promfret, so everyday it's fried Promfret, ABC soup and rice. The alternative is black sauce pork, ABC soup and rice. Some days she even gets tired of the two. So yesterday's chicken was a real feast for her.

Actually I really enjoy planning, grocery shopping and packing their Bento. I enjoy them enjoy their food....if you know what I mean.

They complain about the canteen food and refuse to touch it. They always feign stomach ache after having meals there.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Wey was stick-thin till about 9 years old. he was n is a fussy eater too, tt's why. plus he used to throw up real easy. he looked pitifully thin n MIL fussed about me not feeding him well so i let him eat whatever he wanted (fatty pork) n cooked all kinds of cuisine to lure him n he ballooned till MIL blamed me (again) for over-feeding experience is let them eat whatever, even if its the same thing, as long as the food's not processed or contain addditives or preservatives. on tt note, i'm very strict about burger patties & weiners, esp local ones, n ham, corned beef, bacon bcos of d sodium nitrite.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

btw, just in case u don't cook it, do try d 'chicken in a basket' under 'Snacks N Starters' in my blog.

Bento Pet said...

I try not to have too much processed foods in our diet but unfortunately convenience always seems the excuse over good sense!

Daughter number 1 is a fan of CAP Konsumer paper. It's a great source of information where processed foods are concerned. After she read those articles she shares with us about the negative and shocking facts about the common processed foods we consume daily.

Now, we avoid McD's like plague but occasionally we give in to all the advertising and have a dose of 'poison' as we now term it.

My kids love the Japanese burger that I make - it's called Wa Fu burger and it's really, really delicious. That's why I love cooking Japanese.


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