Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My new stash!

Got bored of my Bento boxes. Went on a shopping spree! "He! He!"
Managed to get two new Bentos, two new containers, three sets of cutlery. I love the colors!!

These cocktail sausage molds are for a friend. She 'tumpang' me to buy for her.

I love the molds! Now, my kids are trilled at the shapes and designs of their cocktail sausages.
"Happy, happy".


Sue Sue said...

Hi Bento Pet,
You get this from the 100 Yen Shop in Puchong again. Wah... get so much ah I must go la one day!

Sue Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bento Pet said...

They have lots of new stuff. Bento boxes for men too. I thought they were very dull and boring but very good for packing futomaki.

I'm still considering buying on my next trip there. He! He! He!

Sue Sue said...

yer so envy u got it so cheap. My hubby taruk me when I tell him you get at 100 yen shop for RM4.90 and mine in USD.

Really must go la. I am looking for the Bento straps and the weiner cutter and the egg mould. U think they have it ah

Bento Pet said...

They don't have the egg molds. They do have lots of nice Bento boxes. There aren't much of the other items left.

Maybe they would have replenished by the time you go. Good luck!

Let me tell you, Bento is 'addictive'. I don't only buy from 100 Yen shop. Parkson and Jusco also got accessories and other useful stuff.


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